Antisolar Kft.

Antisolar Kft.

Awning with a lever for mounting on the wall

Awnings that can be mounted on the wall or ceiling can be mounted on a separate support stand in a tent arrangement in the color and size of your choice.

The anodized-painted aluminum and steel profiles and castings form a strong but light modern structure and ensure the tensioning of the attractively colored and shaped canvas covering.

  • Width dimensions: 2m – 10m.
  • Extension dimensions: 1.5m – 3.5m.
  • Can be mounted: on the wall, on the ceiling.
  • Tilt angle: 15 degrees – 45 degrees.
  • Color selection: from the entire color selection of the SATTLER factory catalog.

The awning canvas is made of 100% acrylic water-repellent material, its color fastness and durability are about 8-10 years. Plain, block-striped, and fantasy patterns are both available, the customer can choose according to his wishes, and you can also see the original materials at our location.

The movement of the lever awning can be manual or motorized.

The awning is opened/closed manually with a crank. The length of the crank is adjusted to the installation height.

Electric movement can be done by remote control or switch, by installing an Elero-type motor with wind and light sensors.

In the case of manual operation, the manual awning must be closed at a wind speed of 40 km/h for safety reasons and to protect the structure. This protection is done for us by the motorized wind detector.

In the case of shading restaurants, terraces, and shops, it is possible to screen signs and emblems with several colors, which we also prepare ourselves according to the customer’s needs. It is also possible to create an emblem that is not directly colored but has a color gradient. Well-designed emblems and inscriptions increase the advertising value of the awnings and increase the traffic of the above-mentioned places. Aesthetically, they also look good, they stand out from the environment, which everyone notices sooner.

We provide a 3-year warranty for the awnings we manufacture with professional use, which we hand over to the customer in the form of operating instructions after the manufacture and installation of the awning.

In the event of a breakdown, spare parts supply is continuously provided and our experts carry out the repair on site or at our premises if possible.

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