Antisolar Kft.

Antisolar Kft.

Goliath parasol

The Goliath parasol – as the name suggests – is the largest parasol we make. Its shape can be round (8 sections) or square.

Dimensions of the Goliat parasol:

  • Round: from Ø4m to Ø8m.
  • Square: from 4mx4m to 6mx6m.

Features of the Goliat parasol:

The special strong hexagonal, six-joint anodized aluminum column of the parasol has a blade distance of 90 mm. Canvas support arms are 40x20mm and the supports are made of 20x15mm natural anodized drawn aluminum, the fixed and moving stars are made of aluminum castings. The telescopic structure consists of a 40x40mm galvanized closed section and a steel worm drive. The pipe sleeve (for fixed installation) and steel base frame with concrete blocks (for mobile installation) made by us ensure a sufficiently stable fixation during use. The basic design of the frame structure is natural aluminum color, which can be colored according to the Ral scale to any color.

The canvas cover of the Goliath parasols is made of special water-repellent and double-impregnated 100% acrylic textile from the internationally recognized Austrian company Sattler. From a huge selection of colors and patterns, everyone can easily choose according to their own taste between plain-colored and variously striped textiles.

In addition to excellent use of space, goliath-type parasols are also great advertising media. Given advertising texts, logos, emblems, inscriptions, can be made by screen printing or transfer printing, even on the sheets or drapery of the umbrella.

Thanks to the special telescopic system, the sunshade can be opened and closed easily using the associated hand crank.

The product is entirely our own production, so any repair, replacement of parts, or replacement of canvas can be solved within a short time.

We guarantee our product under intended use. In order for our umbrella to be problem-free for a long time, it can help to follow the advice in our operating instructions.

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