Antisolar Kft.

Antisolar Kft.

An awning with a lever that can be opened on both sides

The awning system with arms that can be opened on both sides is suitable for shading large open areas and terraces.

Its main structural unit is the support stand, on which the awning with arms is mounted on both sides. The rack structure can be made in both fixed and mobile versions with concrete counterweights. The lever awning is completely identical to the wall-mounted version. Its size can thus be up to 10m x 7m, but several structures can be installed next to each other, so its length can be adjusted as desired to the length of the place.

The double-sided awning is covered with 100% Acryl eddy-repelling canvas according to the customer’s request, which is manufactured by the Austrian company Sattler and can be selected from a catalog. All colors of the rainbow and different forms of patterns are available in the color selection. The plain, block-striped, and fantasy patterns are all available, and the customer can choose from them according to his taste.

The movement of the double-sided awning can be manual or motorized. Each sun visor on both sides requires a separate motor. Control can be individual or group. This system can also work with wind and light sensors.

Covered areas can be winterized with side walls with clear windows (pvc, textile). Thus, the weather cannot affect the utilization.

Logos can also be made on the double-sided awning drapery or on the shade sheet as required, either by screen printing or transfer printing (ironing on).

We recommend double-sided awnings not only for inns and restaurants, they can also be aesthetic and practical for terraces, gardens, and swimming pools of private houses.

The necessary parts are manufactured by our company, so their replacement and repair do not cause any disruption to the user. The tarpaulin can also be replaced in case of wear and tear.

When installing, we always include an instruction manual, which we recommend you read and use the awning accordingly.

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