Antisolar Kft.

Antisolar Kft.

Mediterranean awning

The Mediterranean awning is more stable than the arm and is therefore more suitable for covering larger terraces.

Its operation and structure are also different from those of the lever awning.

The canvas can be lowered using a down pipe system and a roller mounted on the front profile. After being lowered, it can be fixed or re-tensioned with the hooks on the top of the support columns attached to the terrace floor. This makes the open structure stable and tight.

The structure of the Mediterranean-type awning system is made of galvanized downpipes and connecting pipes, 40x40mm steel legs and wall support beams, injection-molded aluminum junction elements, and brackets. With the exception of the downpipes, all structural elements can be colored according to the RAL color scale.

The installation of the parasol can be solved in several ways depending on the conditions of the place. It can be installed on the facade of the building, under a balcony or ceiling, or free-standing on the support stand manufactured by us, on which it can also be built in the form of a single or double-sided tent.

Mediterranean Awning dimensions:

Its size on one side: from 2mx3m/piece to 10mx5m/piece It can be made on two sides mounted on a stand: from 2mx6m/piece to 10mx10m/piece, but these structures can be installed one after the other to cover an area of any length.

The canvas cover of the Mediterranean awnings is sewn from the internationally recognized 100% acrylic water-repellent and double-impregnated textile of the Austrian company Sattler. The customer can choose from the factory catalog as he likes among the materials with solid color block stripes or fantasy patterns.

Both types of Mediterranean system.

The canvas surface of the awning can also be used to carry advertising. By specifying the appropriate graphic, we create an emblem or inscription made by screen printing or another process.

The Mediterranean awning system is entirely a product of our own production, so replacement of parts, repairs, and replacement of canvas are guaranteed.

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