Antisolar Kft.

Antisolar Kft.

Holiday parasol

The Holiday parasol is an attractive table parasol for shading gardens, terraces, and catering terraces.
Its frame structure is made of strong drawn and injection-molded aluminum components.

Support column Ø 35mm aluminum tube, the armrests and supports, 20mmx15mm drawn aluminum closed sections. The stationary and moving stars are made of cast aluminum. The basic color of the frame structure is natural anodized aluminum, but if required, it can be colored to any color of the Ral color scale.

Holiday parasol dimensions:

  • rectangular 4-section: 2m x 2m,
  • round octagonal: Ø2.5m, Ø3m

Handling of Holiday parasols

Handling the umbrella is simple. After pushing up the moving star, we insert the fixing pin into one of the holes on the support post after the canvas has been sufficiently stretched.

The very attractive canvas cover of the holiday type umbrella is sewn from 100% acrylic, water-repellent textile in a variety of colors from the Austrian company Sattler, with or without drapery according to the customer’s request.

The holiday umbrellas can be round (8-section) or square. Dimensions: round Ø2.5m and Ø3m. Square: can be ordered in 2mx2m sizes.

Its installation is very simple, it can be placed in a mobile concrete base, the appropriate height of the umbrella can be created by cutting the support column to size.

Holiday umbrellas are always good advertising media. Also on the terraces of hospitality premises and street vendors of shops. Knowing this, we can create logos, emblems or even inscriptions of any color and shape, suitable for the size of the umbrella, on the fabric sheet and drapery, depending on the colors, with screen printing or other printing methods.

The holiday type parasols are our own manufactured products, which means that repairs, replacement of parts, and replacement of canvas can be carried out within a short period of time.

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